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  • Fairmount Alpine 1:75   (BB506)
    Fairmount Alpine 1:75 (BB506)

    Complete 'Billing Boats" construction box Offshore Schip "Fairmount series"
    These beautiful/powerful tug is extremely detailed,
    and a lust for each of the model builder, who loves modeling.
    RC prepared, so it is a ideal model in…

    € 449,00 € 365,00
  • Boulogne Etaples 1:20   (BB534)
    Boulogne Etaples 1:20 (BB534)

    He is here again !!!!Beautiful fence cutter "Boulogne Etaples"
    Has been out of sales for a long time, but can now be ordered / built again!
    very detailed and pleasing to any model builder who loves modeling.
    RC prepared, so also…

    € 225,00 € 209,00
  • RMS Titanic 1:144   (BB510)
    RMS Titanic 1:144 (BB510)

    Detailed building model of the Historiscal R.M.S. Titanic.

    Difficulty: 4 stars (The expert)

    * Laser cutted
    • Scale: 1:144
    • Length: 188 cm
    • Height 50 cm
    • Width 20cmDetails:
    • Fully wooden…

    € 1.070,00 € 975,00
  • Zwarte zee 1:90 (BIL-510592)
    Zwarte zee 1:90 (BIL-510592)

    SCALE :1:90

    The Zwarte Zee was built in 1963 at J. & K. Smit`s Scheepswerven N.V. in Kinderdijk, Holland. Length 77.50 m, breadth 12.35 m, draught 6.90 m and gross tonnage 1,539 tons. Driven by two Smit-M.A.N. turbo diesel…

    € 285,00 € 235,00
  • Smit Rotterdam 1:75 (BIL-510478)
    Smit Rotterdam 1:75 (BIL-510478)

    Smit Rotterdam was built in 1975 for Smit International BV in Holland, and was at the time of its completion the largest and most powerful tugboat in the world - with a tonnage of 2,273 tons, a length of 75 m, a 22,000 HP engine…

    € 389,00 € 319,00
  • Smit Nederland 1:33 (BIL-510528)
    Smit Nederland 1:33 (BIL-510528)

    The Smit Nederland was built in 1979 at the BV Scheepswerft & Machinefebriek "De Merwede" in Hardinzveld, Holland. Length 28.40 m, breadth 8,85 m, draught 3.85 m. The vessel is driven by two "Stork Werkspoor" diesel engines, whose…

    € 469,00 € 375,00
  • Banckert 1:50  (BIL-510516)
    Banckert 1:50 (BIL-510516)

    This vessel was built in 1965 at the N.V. Scheepswerven in Millingen, Holland, and called "Maasbank". In September 1977 it was renamed "Banckert". The Maasbank served for 12 years in the Western part of Holland. Length 32.75 m,…

    € 225,00 € 185,00
  • BLUE NOSE  1:65  (BIL-510576)
    BLUE NOSE 1:65 (BIL-510576)

    The schooner Bluenose has a very special place in the history of navigation and yachting. Built to fish off the Newfoundland coast, the ship soon turned out to be such a fast sailer that she won all the great classical regattas…

    € 199,00 € 159,00
  • U.S. Coast Guard  1:40 (BIL-510100)
    U.S. Coast Guard 1:40 (BIL-510100)

    Seaworthy American Lifeboat, built in the 60s
    This lifeboat can still perform its work in most rough storms, is self-rightingScale : 1:40
    Difficulty: 0 stars ( Beginners )

    * Length: 36,3 cm
    * Height: 23,6 cm

    € 49,00
  • Royal ClassLifeboat  1:40 (BIL-510101)
    Royal ClassLifeboat 1:40 (BIL-510101)

    Lifeboat, built in America
    Deployed on British waters.
    Scale : 1:40
    Difficulty: 0 stars ( Beginners )

    * Length: 36,3 cm
    * Height: 23,6 cm
    * Width: 10,7 cm
    * Hull: Plastic hull
    * Inclusive seizure

    € 49,00
  • DANA Fishingboat  1:60 (BIL-510200)
    DANA Fishingboat 1:60 (BIL-510200)

    Typical Danish fisherman ship.
    Many of these coastal fisher ships were seen in the 1920sScale : 1:60
    Difficulty: 0 stars ( Beginners )

    * Laser cutted
    * Length: 39 cm
    * Height: 34 cm
    * Width: 10 cm
    * Hull: Plastic…

    € 49,00
  • Crabs cutter 1:60 (BIL-510201)
    Crabs cutter 1:60 (BIL-510201)

    Crab cutter from the 1960s
    Used for fishing in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.
    Scale : 1:60
    Difficulty: 0 stars ( Beginners )

    * Laser cutted
    * Length: 28 cm
    * Height: 24 cm
    * Width: 9 cm
    * Hull: Plastic…

    € 49,00
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